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Canadian Economy – Business As Usual

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

You might be wondering if Canada has put Immigration on hold due to the current world economic climate. In terms of immigration, things are certainly not grinding to a halt and the Canadian Government does not even see a recession hitting them as such, unlike many other Countries in Europe or the United States of America. We emigrated from the UK to Canada and have been watching events unfold on the Business TV Channels here. New York and European Stock Exchanges have seen share values tumble and rally and also the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has taken hits. But Business is expected to remain reasonably buoyant over the coming months, and Canada’s Banking and Financial sectors are considered to be highly resilient compared to those of most other Countries in the World.

In terms of employment and the Jobs market, Canada still experiences skills shortages in many occupations, from Medical care to Truck Driving, Construction work to Lab Technicians. Add to this the fact that people from the ‘Baby Boom’ generation are beginning to retire in increasing numbers and you have double pressure on the skills shortages problem. The pressure is even greater in job sectors referred to as ‘Occupations under threat’, so there are solid opportunities for individuals who wish to emigrate to Canada and set up in certain categories of Business or apply for jobs in a variety of Trades or Professions.

But why else would you choose to live and work in Canada over European Countries like Spain or France, or Australia, New Zealand or even South Africa? If you are someone that wishes to escape the ‘Brussels straight jacket’ and also experience marvelous Seasonal weather and not be too far from family and friends, Canada is only a few hours flight from Europe. Taxation in Canada is reasonable, we believe, and you get an awful lot of ‘Bang for your Buck’. Our Council tax is $1,000 per year (about £500) and also includes water supply and waste water disposal. Gasoline is currently about $1.30 (65 pence) per litre and energy/grocery costs have risen only slightly this year. Unlike the Country we moved from, we don’t feel intruded upon by ‘thought control’ Police and ‘Political Correctness’, there are very few CCTV cameras and our trash can (dust bin), is not micro-chipped.

How and where do you start the process of Emigrating to Canada? We handled the process ourselves, arranging everything including the acquisition of Visas and Work Permits and the like, to buying a house, having our household effects shipped out to obtaining Provincial Health Insurance and National Insurance cards. We did not use a representative like an Immigration lawyer or Emigration Consultant and found out that they have no special powers to speed up your application process so we filled in all the forms ourselves and saved thousands of dollars. We actually found a way of getting Government backing for our application that has expedited the process officially.

Canadian Business

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Despite a lot of pessimism out there many Canadian Business owners are still fairly optimistic about the business environment as we forge into 2010… Small business and middle market type firms in Canada clearly face the largest challenges for business financing – the larger firms; a la Financial Post 100 etc seem to be doing quite well.

A favorite expression of ours is that revenues and good times can mask a lot of flaws. When those revenues and profits and good times in previous years ended last year many firms saw real weakness in various financial and operational parts of their companies. That forced much business to adopt new strategies to address those financial and operational issues.
We have heard of the expression (I think it’s an old blues song?) that ‘I have been done so long everything looks up to me ‘! Most Canadian businesses are seeing sales grow again, some in fact significantly.

So is it all good news. Not really of course, a lot of the challenges are still there. Many a business owner can be forgiven, given what we went through in 2008-2009 for doubting their commitment and their skills in their business.
What continually amazes many readers is the fact that the SME engine is in fact the growth engine of the economy for business and employment. God knows they aren’t hiring at GM and Toyota we would think!

We keep reading about the entire stimulus that the federal government has put into the Canadian economy. I am assuming its there , but most business owners, like myself , certainly cant name one direct benefit of that stimulus , particularly in the area of business financing, business loans, operating lines of credit, etc.

While in fact the revenues and profits are starting to climb a bit lack of solid business financing is still a huge challenge for Canadian business owners. While the business owners and financial managers rely heavily on their ability to access financing naturally the challenges can sometimes be approached at the other end – i.e. operating more efficiently! Yet entrepreneurs being entrepreneurs, business owners should would like to market more, take on new product lines, and buy equipment to grow their business.