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Vancouver Canada Real Estate Insight

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Vancouver, Canada property is one of the higher priced property markets in the country. Located in British, Columbia, Canada, Vancouver is a coastal city. It is the most populous in Western Canada, and the third largest city in the country.

The Vancouver real estate market is one of the most frequently discussed on Canada’s western coast. The city of over 578,000 people is surrounded with a suburban area that has a population of more than 2.5 million people. This large, busy city is a hub for entertainment and various industries, but it is also well known for its expansive coastline and wilderness.

Good deals and extensive inventory make buying into the Vancouver property market an ideal option for many people. Vancouver real estate for sale remains one of the main focuses of investing in this region. Though the market was very hot for several years, it did take a dip recently. However, experts predict that this market will grow ideally for the next few years, as employment opportunities and available inventory draw potential buyers into the market.

Property in Vancouver has been at the top of Canada’s markets for some time. The office and condo market here is very strong, especially for international visitors. International visitors are also helping to push the apartment rentals in the area, especially after the 2010 Olympic Games helped to bring more attention to the region. Vancouver rentals in the area remain strong in the area of condos and apartments, as well as some homes.

Vancouver property listings in some areas are quite strong, especially in the coastal regions. In luxury real estate, these coastal areas are perhaps the prime picking. Vancouver Island is one of the premier housing areas for luxury living, but waterfront properties along the Vancouver City coast are also promising. These areas are on the southernmost tip of the region. Property market prices here remain much higher than in the downtown region or the suburban area surrounding the city. Other promising areas for Vancouver real estate include the surrounding cities of Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster and Richmond. Delta’s coastal communities are also popular.

Vancouver property listings do promise to offer bigger returns in the future. The property market right now is moving more towards a balanced market, rather than a seller’s or buyer’s market, but opportunities for significant savings is evident in the Vancouver property listings provided.

Those considering the investment in the area will want to look at Vancouver real estate for sale in various areas of the community and the surrounding region. Vancouver rentals are available as well, especially in the downtown area.

Montreal Canada Real Estate

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

The Montreal, Canada real estate market is one to watch. As the second largest of Canada’s cities, it is the ideal choice for international visitors, families and others looking for affordability and availability.

Montreal, Canada real estate ranges from affordable to pricy, depending on location, style and age. The city of Montreal is the second largest in the country and the largest in Quebec Province. With a city population of more than 1.6 million people and a metropolitan area population well over 3.6 million people this city is a prominent destination for business travelers, as well as families, young adults and international travelers. The real estate market here is promising, and many experts recommend buying now.

Like much of the Canadian real estate market, the area has seen some ups and downs in price recently. House prices in Montreal peaked in 2008 through 2009 and have since cooled significantly. Real estate in Montreal, especially the downtown region or the higher end suburban areas is the most expensive. Lofts, apartments, condos and larger, luxury homes in these areas are the most expensive in the area. However, those who are moving to the city for its upscale living atmosphere, from its business centric focus to its true cultural prominence will find these prices are ideal to get the type of high quality living experience they are seeking.

Montreal property for sale does range in terms of availability. Most locations do have available inventory, including many of the suburban areas that are very popular. You will find Montreal real estate listings for condos, office space and family homes to be the most in demand, but most are priced to sell. In 2010, the housing market did wake up some from the slowing earlier in the year, and many are expecting to see more listings surface in the months coming, especially as employment opportunities become more plentiful in Montreal itself.

As for the rental market, options are available here, too. Montreal rentals are priced fairly based on location then size. The most popular rental options are in downtown Montreal where apartments, including loft style facilities and condos are the most in demand.

Montreal property is promising. Top locations include the Island of Montreal and the nearby cities of Longeuil, Brossard and St. Lambert. Real estate in Montreal is likely to get more expensive in the coming months and years, experts warn. This up and coming city center is driven by buyers right now, but there are true options for affordable buying here. However, it is likely that property values will increase as the economy improves.