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Canada – Broadening Aspects of Living

Monday, October 26th, 2015

The thriving economy, world-class healthcare facility, education amenities of Canada make its citizen lead an excellent standard of living. This is why; the country is counted among the best countries to live. The breathtaking natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal) and overwhelming people, make living in the country rewarding. Owing to excellent basic facilitates the country ranks 11th on the Human Development Index. Every year, many people drive towards the country in the search of better living standard as it enjoys unparalleled status of being one of the wealthiest countries with the eight highest per capita incomes. These are the features that have made the country a home to more than 1,162,900 people.

Canada offers a variety of immigration programs through which one can apply for the permanent residency, including Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Provincial Nominee Program. A person will be eligible to apply for the visa to live in Canada through the following programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program: Under this program a skilled worker can apply for the PR. The applicant must qualify a point-based program on the grounds of education, qualification, work experience, age, and language. This program is suitable for those, who have been working in the country from last one year.

Provincial Nominee Program: Many provinces and territories of Canada select candidates who are skillful enough to contribute in their economy for PR.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons: If you an investor, entrepreneurs and self-employed willing to contribute in the economy growth of the country, you can apply for the permanent residency.

How to apply for the PR?
Step -1
Educational Credential Assessment: You have to qualify an Educational Credential Assessment. This assessment evaluates you on the grounds of education, endorsement, and other credential.
Visa Application:
Once you have qualified ECA, you are eligible to apply for the PR
After this, you have to submit character certificate and medical clearance

Now, you are eligible for the Visa
Benefits of Canada Immigration:
The government of Canada offers many benefits to its citizens. Some of them are summarized below:
• Fee education for children
• Good and developed working environment
• Advanced education facility
• World-class health care amenities
• Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms

Immigration Overseas- Endeavoring to meet your immigration goals

Immigration Overseas is a company to reckon with, when it comes to services related to Migration to living in Canada. The company has gained reputation of providing the best migration services owing to its commitment and client-centric approach. Immigration Overseas has attained a credible stature owing to the unwavering support of migration consultants and lawyers. The consultants are committed to providing the best visa for live in Canada. They are well aware of current rules & regulations pertaining to PR visa and provide appropriate solutions. With certification of ICCRC, the company assures you that all the proceedings will be conducted under law. Joins hands with Immigration Overseas, we are glad to help you.

Best Immigration Consultants Company in India for Canada

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Have you also been looking for Best Canada Specialist Immigration advisers? Well, in today’s perspective, a whole lot of migration aspirants are waiting for their chance to gain entry into the country of abundance and good life, the Maple Leaf country. This country has been attracting people from all walks of life for it is the best bet for the immigrants looking forward to stable employment openings and outstanding business opportunities. There is hardly any economy as this on planet earth which promises long term returns with consistent progression. The things have further improved in recent years with Canadian economy attaining unprecedented stability and prosperity.

The Canadian authorities have also realized that it is the right time to cash on the available opportunities and make a go for the ultimate goal of becoming a leading economy among the influential economies of the globe. As per the recent estimates and assessments, the economy of this country has been registering a very healthy growth rate since 2011. This may have become a matter of jealousy for many but it has turned out to be a major attraction for the skilled workers and business oriented professionals alike. Everybody is aiming to hit it rich and wants it quick and under the current perspective, there is not a place on this planet as Maple leaf country.

But as the good things never come cheap and are not easily accessible and with several people striving for the goal ultimate, you have to really spend your energy and money in exploring the opportunities. The journey to your destination of dreams and desires is not easy to handle alone and it is full of many hurdles including legal and procedural processes. The whole process is sometimes to handle for a layman. In these cases, it becomes convenient to hire services of some experts who can sort out the matters for you in shorted possible time and with least efforts because the current Canada Immigration framework does not only target the qualifications of would be applicants but it also requires timely action.

In recent years, the Canada Immigration policies have undergone a sea change and what was easy ro procure and understand has become a bit complex and it is now entwined with several other procedures which must be actually dealt with in advance, be it the skilled migration or business or investment based relocation program. You cannot be sure of the outcome until you receive your passport with visa stampings as the CIC has refused visa to some applicants even after they had gone ahead with medical check-ups. This scenario makes the role of the advisers even more essential as it has become important for the people to ascertain that they do everything right before filing their requests.

You cannot just take a chance by either exploring the validity of the laws and regulations yourself or leaving the job to someone not really comfortable with the application process and regulations guiding the specific Canadian program. Take for example the current FSW 2014 scheme, although the qualification parameters and the process has been clearly elaborated on various official portals of Canadian authorities, their implications are seldom effectively decoded by the layman To make the things effectively and set the pace of your application preparation and filing process you need the help of Best Canada Specialist Immigration Consultant in India.

Companies experienced in the Canadian migration visa process can make a lot of difference as they are well versed with each provision and have an in depth knowledge on implications of each of the provisions.