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5 Tastiest Canadian Restaurants You Should Try

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Eigensinn Farm

More than a restaurant, Eigensinn Farm is a legend among the Ontario gourmand set, owner of a rare five-star rating on Trip Advisor and blanket rave reviews despite a high price ($300 per meal, not including wine) and, in a rural setting two-and-a-half hours away from Toronto, having broken the cardinal rule of the restaurant business: location. Chef Michael Stadtländer’s eight-course dinners are farm-to-table dining epitomized and, according to many, a once-in-a-lifetime experience worth saving up your pennies for.

The Lunar Rogue

Fredericton might be a small city, but it punches above its weight when it comes to the booze. And while locals might head to the 23-year-old Lunar Rogue for its pub menu, its kegs of hometown favourite Picaroons beer or simply the cosy vibe, the real draw is the extensive menu of whiskies – about 375 to choose from, so many that it’s been named one of the best whisky bars in the world. Choose your favourite or ask the knowledgeable staff for recommendations.

The Sugar Shack

A meal at the cabane à sucre is a springtime tradition in Quebec, even though the hard work hauling buckets of sap through the snow that makes a heavy meal a necessity is more or less a thing of the past. For high-end maple syrup dining, head to the Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack run by famed Montreal restaurateur Martin Picard – if you can get a reservation. Another favourite? Cabane à Sucre Chez Dany in Trois-Rivières, whose year-round offerings include maple taffy produced, in the warmer seasons, on freshly made snow.

Bonavista Social Club

Simple homemade food made from fresh garden ingredients is the name of the game at this small-town restaurant on the province’s Bonavista peninsula, about a 300-kilometre drive from St. John’s. Try to visit on a warm day, when you can dine on the deck while gazing at the ocean, then aid digestion with a stroll through the garden and a visit with the goats and lambs. Don’t leave without a loaf or two of their renowned sourdough, baked in the p

Golden Pagoda

Burmese food might not be the first thing you think of when debating where to eat in Saskatoon, but according to the locals, Golden Pagoda is well worth a visit. Still less common in Canada than other Asian cuisines, Burmese is often compared with neighbouring Thai, Chinese and Indian, but is more than worthy of standing on its own. Go hungry, ask your server for recommendations and see for yourself.