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Archive for August, 2012

Entertainment In Canada-Music

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Entertainment in Canada boasts all the sophistication tourists have come to expect from a major North American country, coupled with delightful rural entertainment in relaxing local venues. Covering mainstream world-class productions in Ottawa and the larger cities, Canada also offers the latest in alternative acts and traditional art forms, particularly in its exceptional folk music heritage.

Music of the highest quality, both classical and modern, is offered throughout the country, and major cities provide first-rate theater, dance, and film, not to mention many musical shows and film festivals.


PROVINCIAL DAILY newspapers are the most reliable sources of information about forthcoming events; the Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, and Toronto Star are the most popular. Listings are usually published at least once a week. The Globe & Mail and National Post are produced in Toronto but are sold countrywide and have excellent arts sections containing reviews of the latest attractions. Tourist offices are helpful; some operators may assist in booking tickets. Visitor centers and hotel lobbies have weekly entertainment guides, such as Where, a magazine covering Vancouver. In Quebec, French-language entertainment is chronicled by two papers, La Presse and Le Devoir. Macleans is a national weekly magazine with arts coverage.


TICKET MASTER outlets are found in many shopping malls and represent major halls across the country. Tickets to venues in Quebec are available from Admission Network. Different offices cater to different sports and artistic events in each city. Most venues, however, can be contacted directly for tickets.


MAJOR CANADIAN venues are well equipped to deal with wheelchair users. All interior halls contain ramps and restroom access. Parking lots will have designated disabled spaces nearby. A hearing loop system is available at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, and at most other major venues. Call ahead to check their availability. Outside ramps and elevators are provided to reach concerts halls and theaters at most large centers.

Walking in Canada’s Rocky Mountains

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

With its clean mountain air, alpine meadows, unspoiled wilderness, glittering crystal glaciers and lakes, bighorn sheep as well as bears, eagles, elk, and other wildlife in the centre of some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth, walking in Canada’s Rocky Mountains can be a life-changing experience. Who wouldn’t be amazed and awed to be surrounded by nature in all its glory – as pristine as if you were the only people who ever set foot in it? It’s the kind of experience that’s glorious enough to make a believer out of anyone. A believer in what, you say? The magical, restorative powers of creation at its best, of course!

Alpine Wonderland

Aptly called an alpine wonderland, walking in Canada’s Rockies will take you through vistas of glistening glaciers, electric blue lakes and idyllic, wildflower-strewn meadows. Various itineraries feature the areas attractions, both the famous and those kept secret to a few, and lead to the kind of walking holiday that offers different moments of magic with every step.

The vastness of the Rocky Mountains offers an adventure with unparalleled sights and attractions. Most hikes begin walking in Canada’s beautifully situated cities- Vancouver, for one- and go on to Manning Park near the Washington border where the human population dwindles and the animal population grows. Spot bear, elk, marmots, coyotes, eagles and more over the ridges, peaks and meadows while enjoying the cold, crisp, fresh air and of course, spectacular views. And that’s only the beginning!

The rest of the journey gets even better from there; the Cascade Mountains and the National Parks such as Jasper and Banff offer even more spectacular vistas of mountain scenery that makes for fantastic walking. In Canada, the land is so vast and the view so varied, you’ll never get the feeling of “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”.

Degree Of Difficulty

Whether you prefer moderately easy walks, challenging adventures, or travel with a group with various different preferences when it comes to levels of effort, there are different options that will allow you to go walking in Canada’s Rocky Mountains at your very own speed. With an average 6-8 miles a day of hiking and climbs up to around 2,000 feet, most tours are designed for the average active adult who can comfortably trek or hike 4-6 hours a day – but they can be customised as necessary. To ensure that walking in Canada is an adventure that is comfortable and suited to you, make sure to consult experienced and reliable walking tour professionals to help make your holiday perfect.