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Canadian Life Insurance Companies

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association maintain that there 102 functioning life insurance businesses in Canada. Like every other business, the Canadian insurance industry has also had its share of economic downturns, but is now well on its way to recovery. The explosive nature has forced some changes, like an increase in consolidation and greater emphasis on safer and more unadventurous goods.

Despite the difficult economic conditions, the Canadian insurance industry is financially strong and collecting the profits of affirmative consumer insight. Contrary to banks and brokerage firms whose reputations encountered a major blow during the recession years, insurance companies have managed to come out fairly unharmed. Customers tend to think of insurance companies as being trustworthy, safe and professional in their dealings. Based on these outcomes, A.M Best recently upgraded the rating of Canadian life / health insurance industry from negative to “stable”. While some individual companies may be experiencing downgrades, the overall picture is healthy.

The workplace life insurance may not be enough to protect one’s family, so in achieving some of life’s milestones it becomes necessary to see exactly what protection is needed. Generally, people turn to insurance during life-changing situations like getting married, buying a home, facing unemployment or retiring. Statistics show that in 2009, over twenty million Canadians were life insurance policy holders, and the average policy was valued at $169,000 for individual policy holders and $337,000 for families.

Getting a policy may not be a priority for the typical young Canadian adult who does not yet have dependents to support. In the unexpected event of death, there will not be any financial burden on the family. However, if there are some unsettled accounts, or even if one just prefers not to burden the relatives with funeral expenses, an insurance policy can cover that. For a married working couple, things like mortgage payment, credit cards or a car loan may become an issue to pay off on a single income, in case one partner dies. In this situation, it is best if both partners carry their own life insurance.

For families, having insurance becomes even more important. Regardless of whether it is a single or double income household, if one partner should pass away the other should be financially secure to be able to settle all expenses, especially expenses regarding the children’s education. As a career man or woman, if one shifts jobs it translates into shifting companies. It is imperative that one know what kind of coverage is provided by the insurance company before quitting. When one goes to a new place of employment, they should get at least an equivalent package.

As senior Canadians retire, they lose health privileges when employment ends. Insurance providers understand this and there are many plans available that cater to the needs of retired Canadians. Insurance in this period of life tends to be expensive, as there are frequently pre-existing conditions that need to be considered. Despite this, there are many options available to look into.

Canada Travel Guide

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Canada travel agents can be instrumental in planning a good, memorable trip. They possess local knowledge and experience, and are able to come up with great tour proposals, from visa to airline tickets, from hotels to tour guides and excursions.

Canada is a vast country with a stunning variety of tourist attractions. The Great Lakes of Ontario, Erie, and Huron are the huge reservoir of fresh water and the place of unbelievable recreation. The largest province according to the number of inhabitants is Ontario, known for its vineyards, which produce the lion’s share of Canadian wines, as well as the Big Horseshoe of Niagara Falls. Ontario alone has more than 30 national parks, wild uninhabited northern areas, about 50 thousand pristine lakes and numerous rivers with a total length of 55 thousand km. The capital of Canada Ottawa as well as the city of Toronto are located in this province.

Ottawa became the capital of Canada in 1857. The main attractions of Ottawa are Parliament, the Tower of the World with more than fifty bells on it, a picturesque quarter around the Market Hall Bayword, the Stables of the Royal Police, and Rideau Canal, which becomes the longest skating rink in the world in winter months. A lot of visitors spend their time in the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Museum of Science and Technology and other cultural venues. This is a very quiet, clean and safe city.

Toronto is the largest Canadian city and a leading cultural and commercial center of Canada. The city is often called the international standard of cleanliness and order. This huge metropolis has an easily recognizable shape of the great skyscrapers, banks and offices, surrounded by dozens of green parks, where squirrels and other small forest animals amuse the public. Toronto is the city of neat gardens and lawns framed by major highways, and numerous national blocks neighbouring with each other.

Quebec is the largest and the most beautiful province in Canada. This area covers the most scenic areas of the country: the plains and the magnificent forests of the river St. Lawrence, mines and lakes, Estrie and Charlevoix, Lake Saint-Jean, Madeleine Islands as the region of sailors and fishermen. Here one necessarily goes to the oldest cities in Canada, Quebec and Montreal. In Quebec, there are several universities, the famous waterfalls of Montmorency and the low northern slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. Hundreds of beautiful tourist destinations, ski resorts, sandy beaches and protected areas welcome the tourists. Landscapes of southern Quebec are so diverse and charming that it is often called ‘The Beautiful Province’.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and one of the oldest city in Canada. It is situated on a river island and is known for the picturesque streets. The city has the nickname of ‘the City of Saints’. Modern Montreal is a city of skyscrapers, highways, huge international transportation. It is an important air and sea gateway of the country, its historic and cultural center.

One of the most beautiful provinces in Canada is Nova Scotia, surrounded on three sides by the ocean. The attractions include wide beaches and fishing villages along the coast, the National Park in Cape Breton Island, the Vikokomag Indian Reservation, Annapolis, and many convenient bays and beaches.

Winnipeg is famous for the Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Building of the Confederation skyscraper, the famous Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and other historical and natural attractions.