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What is the Origin of the Name Canada?

Monday, August 8th, 2011

“The name of the country has been derived from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian term “”kanata””. The word means “”settlement”” or “”village””. This word was used by the tribal inhabitants of the region to direct Jacques Cartier, a French explorer to the region of Stadacona. He later used the word Canada to denote the entire area that was under the rule of the chief of Stadacona. Within a few years the European guidebooks and maps had begun to refer to this area as Canada.

During the early 17th century the region of New France that was located along Saint Lawrence River as well as the northern parts of the Great Lakes was called Canada. This area was later divided into two major British colonies known as lower and Upper Canada. These two parts were united in 1841 and named the province of Canada.

In 1867 upon confederation, the name “”Canada”” was legally adopted and the title “”Dominion”” was conferred upon the country. Till the 1950s the term “”Dominion of Canada”” was used. After that when Canada started to assert its autonomy from United Kingdom, only “”Canada”” was used in the treaties and the state documents. Since then this has been the name of the country.”