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Archive for March, 2009

Planning Travel to Canada

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Travelling to Canada from another country can be a very exciting experience because Canada is a very beautiful place with a lot of culture. And depending where you go in Canada, you can experience things such as cold weather like you have never experienced before. That is definitely something that someone from a warm climate may not be able to handle too well.

Before travelling to Canada, you need to make your trip a success. You most certainly need to ensure that you have secured lodging so that you have a place to go. You need to confirm your reservation before you leave to ensure that there will be no issues. Make sure you have your passport because you will need it if you are staying for a little while. Take plenty of warm clothes because it is very cold up in Canada.

Travel insurance is very important because it covers those things that can occur on a trip. For example, your trip could become cancelled at no fault of your own. If that happens, you can be out of a lot of money. Your travel insurance will help you battle this. You can recover lost cash as long as the reason for the cancelled trip falls under a qualifying event within the policy.

Shopping for coverage is easy. Your travel agency may offer you some travel insurance or you can shop around online and find the best deal for you. Don’t forget that all of the items listed above are important when choosing the right policy. Always make sure that your policy has everything that you need. It is not enough to go for the lowest price because you may find that you won’t get the coverage that you need.

So shop around and see what you come up with. No matter the reason or the length of time that you are going to Canada, you can’t take too much time when looking for the perfect travel insurance plan. And you definitely don’t want to be caught in a bad situation without it because your life could depend on it. There is also the fact that whatever occurs, it could become quite expensive for you and you definitely don’t want that to happen. You could be paying the consequences for years.

Guide To The Best Schools In Canada

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Canada boasts one of the top ranked institutions of higher learning in the world. McGill University in Montreal was recently listed as the twelfth best university and the top school within Canada itself. The school’s status was granted by the annual Times Higher-QS World University Rankings. It also placed as the top publicly funded institution in North America. McGill’s high ranking was due to a number of positive factors. For one, the school boasts a well-qualified, dedicated faculty and an exceptional staff to student ratio. McGill also demonstrates its achievement level through the placement of alumni with top companies both in Canada and elsewhere around the globe. The university offers programs in some three hundred academic fields, and is a great choice for undergraduate study.

For those with entrepreneurial aspirations, Schulish School of Business at York University is the place to go. The Toronto school was founded in 1966 and has cultivated an exceptional reputation over the past three decades. The school is consistently ranked among the top business schools not only in Canada but around the world. Schluish offers a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, including Canada’s first international MBA certificate. The school also boasts diverse students and faculty and a well-equipped learning environment.

Anyone interested in a career in food production should consider Stratford Chefs School in Ontario, which is considered the best culinary school in Canada. This institute has been around for more than twenty-five years and boasts a 100% graduate employment rate. Approximately seventy students enroll annually at the school, which is one of the few operated by current restaurant professionals. The program focuses on both classical and contemporary cuisine. It also has a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. Thus, students are well prepared for a future beyond the kitchen. Many alumni even open their own businesses.

If food isn’t quite high-tech enough for you, you may want to look into Vancouver Film School (VFS), Canada’s top digital animation school. It was given this distinction by 3D World magazine, which also placed the school as fifth in the world. VFS offers thirteen programs, which can be completed in as little as one year. Similar curricula elsewhere could take three to four years to finish. Out of all the film schools on YouTube, VFS leads them all with more than 12,000 subscribers and nearly 8 million video views. Many of the school’s alumni work for top film companies and have won Emmys, Oscars, and other notable awards for their work.

In the end, Canada has much to offer those seeking an exceptional education. Its quality schools prepare professionals for a wide array of fields. Education is vital to a successful career in any field. For many, choosing the right school makes all the difference in terms of educational gains and future employment.