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Visiting Canada? Visitors Health Insurance You Can Afford
Visitors medical insurance is not a requisite if you are traveling in your own country as naturally the domestic insurance policies offer coverage even if you are in any part of your own country. However if you are traveling to some other country then you definitely need to have a visitor's insurance.

The reason is that you may encounter unforeseen events in the foreign land. At such times, the only thing that you may be able to fall back on is a good visitor health insurance policy that will guarantee you some bare minimum limit of assurance.
The Canadian health care and medicine facilities are reputed to be the best in the world. However, the cost of taking advantage of such facilities may be too high for an ordinary person to bear. Paying for medical bills may mean having to burn a hole on one's pocket.

Thus taking such medical care facilities in Canada may not be possible for everybody if they do not have coverage of some visitor medical insurance policy. If you do not have medical coverage for emergencies you may have to pay a lot of money from your own pocket. The bill of a single day medical care in a good hospital in Canada can be thousands of dollars. The Canadian residents usually have domestic insurance policies to help them bear such high expenses.

Visitors insurance plans are necessary for tourists, skilled workers, international students, and other such visitors to Canada. Returning Canadians or those who are awaiting their provincial health insurance coverage as well as the new migrs should be reasonably indemnified. Such a visitor insurance plan will ensure that they are well protected against unanticipated medical fees in case of any sort of emergency. The relatives of visitors who are living in Canada can see to it that their guests have appropriate visitors medical insurance policies before embarking on a travel to Canada.

If you do not have any suitable visitors health insurance while visiting Canada, some unexpected incidents like loss of personal belongings, loss of passport, extended stay, medical emergency, legal problems, etc, and these incidents may prove to be very costly.

For example, you may need to pay more than 10,000 Canadian dollars per day at the local hospitals, depending upon the seriousness and gravity of the situation. To cover some common potential losses, one can procure here a visitor insurance policy of up to $150,000 CAD coverage. A minimum policy in Canada may cost you as much as $ 10,000!

Visitor medical insurance to Canada may extend to provide for one or more of these features. An emergency medical plan will provide coverage if you face an unexpected medical emergency during your stay in Canada. A general visitor insurance plan to Canada provides crisis medical benefits at half the normal premium rates when a person wishes to travel in Canada only.

There are inclusive plans also made available who wish to include pre-paid travel deal. Some of these plans include luggage loss, emergency medical expenses, damage and delay, trip cancellation and interruption charges, flight and travel accident features. It is imperative that a traveler makes some provision for insuring himself or herself against any potential risks since Canada is regarded as an expensive country to live in.

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